You Can Buy An Armored Cadillac XT6, But Why Would You?


AddArmor Designs New State-of-the-Art Mobile Safe with Most Affordable Driver Protection Package Yet

Founded by veterans of special operations and law enforcement, AddArmor specializes in transforming any type of car or truck into a mobile safe. Today, AddArmor is proud to introduce its all-new mobile safe, the 2020 Cadillac XT6, featuring the company’s $ 28,000 anti-intrusion package.

“The idea behind adding armor is to create a ‘mobile safe’ that protects vehicle passengers from potential attackers (eg, criminals, terrorists, active shooters) while providing a ‘ peace of mind ”that cannot be achieved in an unarmed vehicle. vehicle, ”says Pete Blaber, veteran of special operations and CEO of AddArmor.

The AddArmor intrusion protection package replaces all factory-installed vehicle windows with bullet-resistant shatter-proof ballistic glass. In addition, AddArmor strengthens all vehicle doors and hatches by installing lightweight, custom ballistic protection panels inside each door and tailgate. Ballistic protection panels are made of ultra-light synthetic laminate materials that are 60% lighter and 10 times stronger than ballistic steel. Exclusive AddArmor designs and custom installation techniques combine maximum protection with minimum additional weight. This maintains the existing exterior appearance of the vehicle without compromising mechanical performance.

“When people think of armored vehicles, most immediately think of big, prohibitively expensive SUVs,” Blaber continues. “Our new AddArmor XT6 dispels this idea. It is the world’s safest crossover utility vehicle (CUV) ever built. At AddArmor, we want to protect as many people as possible by giving them peace of mind on the road. At $ 28,000, the AddArmor Anti-Intrusion package offers world-class security at an exceptional price. Given that the XT6 is a powerful crossover vehicle with a comfortable cabin, it was the perfect CUV to showcase our anti-intrusion technology.

The AddArmor XT6 comes equipped with a 310 hp 3.6 liter engine that delivers 271 lb-ft. couple. The XT6 also incorporates several innovative safety systems, including the front pedestrian braking system to apply or enhance the driver’s braking capabilities, a night vision mode to locate potential hazards and lane departure warning technology for ensure the safety of passengers at all times. With front, rear and blind spot collision alerts, the XT6 remains an extraordinarily safe vehicle with incredible hazard detection capabilities. AddArmor’s new XT6 also features run-flat tires that can travel up to 50 miles after being damaged.

AddArmor can create custom protection packages to meet individual customer needs for new or existing vehicles. Anti-intrusion packages for family and business vehicles start at $ 28,000 with several interchangeable options available based on customer preferences.

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