Wrecked Mercedes-AMG C63 From Copart Has Trunk Full Of Parts

Buying a damaged car is always a risky proposition, even for seasoned repair professionals. This is because hidden damage is almost always present, and since it is hidden you usually cannot find it until the repair process begins. Damage like this can turn an easy repair into a nightmare, but this particular YouTuber may have been lucky – and with a 2019 Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe of 7,000 miles, no less.

The clip is from BackYardBoyz and for the record, we do not have the opportunity to see the car repaired. This is just the introduction, but it’s interesting because the car came with some welcome surprises, literally stuffed inside and in the trunk. It was purchased online through Copart, which meant that the pre-purchase inspection was limited to what could be seen in the photographs. These photos showed a nearly new AMG with a crimped door and quarter panel, damaged rear bumper, missing front bumper, and many other missing components, including various trim for the interior and exterior, mirrors, taillights and headlights.

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The final selling price for this car was only $ 30,250 – a good deal considering the MSRP was over $ 70,000. Of course, it’s not quite ready for the road, and anyone familiar with recent Merck models knows how expensive parts can get. The missing parts alone could total $ 30,000, but here’s where this story takes a turn for the best. The interior and trunk were filled with most of the missing parts, including the AMG front bumper and all missing interior components. Apparently it was taken apart for inspection and then thrown into the car. Pretty much all of them, anyway – there’s still a missing headlight, which could be pretty expensive on its own.

There was indeed some hidden damage that the photos did not reveal. The driver’s side monocoque structure was slightly pleated, and a section of high-strength steel had been cut at the base. However, the YouTuber was not fazed by the discovery and, frankly, if the car could be fixed for $ 20,000, it would still be a good deal for a near-new C63 AMG.

Still, there’s a reason the car was sold at a salvage auction instead of being repaired, and this intrepid YouTuber admits he has no experience working on a Mercedes AMG. Do you think it will have more pleasant surprises, or is it a financial pit in the making?

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