Wraith-Based Silver Spectre Shooting Brake Is Stunning Inside And Out

This incredible machine first appeared on our radar at the end of August. We thought it was a special Rolls-Royce project, but then we learned that it was a custom creation by Niels van Roij Design called the Silver Specter Shooting Brake. We were aware of a few close-up images at the time, but now we have a new set of photos showing both the exterior and interior in detail. And his devastating magnificent.

To jog your memory, this car started life as a typical Rolls-Royce Wraith. From there, considerable custom bodywork converts the ultra-luxurious two-door coupe into a three-door shooting brake, and as the photos below clearly show, the craftsmanship of the final product is extraordinary. We’ve talked about the exterior before, but this new photoshoot takes us inside for a look at the fantastic interior. If we could only use two words to describe it, we would borrow from Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber’s portfolio and say just Starlight Express.

This is because Niels van Roij Design literally supersizes the Starlight Headliner which has become synonymous with Rolls-Royce. No less than 2,000 lights of varying sizes and brightness fill the headliner, all woven together into a fiber-optic work of art. The lights gradually fade towards the rear to give the impression of an endless sky, and it’s a feeling all four passengers can enjoy.

Speaking of passengers, the Silver Specter Shooting Brake features a four-seater cockpit with two rear seats separated by a passage to the sculpted rear cargo area. Instead of just boxing into the Wraith’s truck and stuffing it with leather, the Silver Specter’s boot is gracefully curved and adorned with contrasting materials. It’s designed to be fully functional but honestly it looks so good that we have a hard time seeing anyone who is actually using this space to carry anything.

Shooting brake side Silver Specter
Silver Specter Shooting Brake Loading Area

In addition to the photos, there is news that the Silver Specter Shooting Brake also offers a bit more under the hood. With 624 horsepower from its twin-turbocharged V12, the Wraith is no slouch, but to make sure drivers aren’t disappointed with the extra weight of the conversion, the Silver Specter’s power reaches 700 horsepower.

The Silver Specter Shooting Brake is not a one-off project either. Seven will be created, and each will have a bespoke feature not found with the other six. It can range from assorted luggage to special in-vehicle trim and more, but the point is that each one will be unique.

As for the cost, if you have to ask … well, you know the drill.

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