Would You Buy A Reborn Buick Grand National If It Looked Like This?

Rumors that Buick would resuscitate the Grand National surfaced as the industry pulled out of the Great Recession in the early 2010s. Now that crossovers, SUVs and trucks have usurped sedans as the type of vehicle of choice for many people around the world, such a renewal is pushed even further. However, that didn’t stop wb.artist20 on Instagram from imagining what a new Buick Grand National would look like if the automaker built one today.

The modern Grand National is based on the Cadillac CT6 minus the rear doors and much of the Cadillac’s signature style, especially at the front. The reworked fairing removes Cadillac’s stylish headlights and grille and replaces them with more boxing units translated from the iconic Buick. The taller front part of the Cadillac makes fitting the iconic face of the Grand National a bit difficult.

The additional real estate is filled with a larger lower bumper opening and under the headlights are triangular sockets. They look fake, but could be used to supply the front brakes with air. Amber lights pushed down into the original bumper are also present, pushed into the lower corners of the rendering. The deep plate wheels are also similar, although the thicker rubber of the original adds a little meaty to the modern interpretation. At the rear, there is a small trunk spoiler.

The Grand National was one of the few true American muscle cars to come out of the 1980s – an era marked by regulations that undermined power engines. He’s still popular today, commanding large sums of money every time we sell, but Buick isn’t building a modern equivalent. Instead, we have to use renderings to imagine such a possibility, and that of wb.artist20 does not disappoint. Unfortunately, we won’t see such a Buick car anytime soon if consumers have their way.

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