World’s Fastest Crash Test Has 129-MPH Car Collide Into City Bus

When the Insurance Institute for Road Safety tests a vehicle, it sends it at 40 miles per hour (64 kilometers per hour) through a barrier. But what if you tripled more than the speed to see what happens in a collision at 208 km / h? This video has the answer and the results are terrifying.

The video is not in English, but the visuals get the point across. Plus, enabling YouTube’s auto-generated captions provides a pretty good translation of what hosts are saying.

The clip begins with a long look at how speed affects stopping distance. As you can probably guess, the faster you go, the more road you need to come to a complete stop.

The crash test is the real highlight here, and preparations begin around 18 minutes after the video begins. The crew uses a second generation Opel Omega after refresh. To do this safely, the vehicle is equipped with a remote control, so that no one risks being injured in the accident.

On the long track, a radar gun shows the sedan doing 208 km / h (129 mph) before crashing into the side of a city bus. A drone and multiple cameras capture the carnage from all angles.

The damage to the Opel is enormous. The front of the car crashed and flattened out. The rear passenger door is barely discernible, but the front ones are nothing more than mutilated metal. For the most part, the trunk is the only part still recognizable.

Judging from what is visible here, there is no way for a person in the Opel to survive, even in the backseat.

The situation is not much better for the bus. The collision shattered all of the vehicle’s windows, including the windshield, even though it struck it near the rear. The mannequins inside everywhere. One even hangs from the roof. It’s a terrible scene.

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