Will There Be a 7th Gen Chevy Camaro? It Doesn’t Look Good

Will There Be a 7th Gen Chevy Camaro? It Doesn’t Look Good

First, for the sake of full disclosure, we don’t know more about the fate of the 7th generation Chevy Camaro than most online mediums. The only people who know about it at GM are used to saying nothing about anything about future products. But speculation is fun. It was a great opportunity for our friend, vehicle designer Micheal Castiglione, to describe what he thought a 7th generation Camaro could look like in the era of aerodynamics driven by MPG. You can see more rendering illustrations of Castiglione HERE. He’s doing the art of the week for the bad guys, so check it out.

That said, it is starting to look like 2023 will be a repeat of the year 2002 for the Camaro and its legion of fans. Those who remember the dark days of 2002, when the 4th generation Camaro ceased production without replacement in sight, will soon receive a serious deja-vu when history tries to repeat itself. From everything we’ve heard whirling around in the rumor mill, the initial work on the 7th generation Camaro at GM has stopped, with teams being assigned to extend the lifespan of the 6th generation (like adding new paint colors ).

This is not all bad news, however. Chevrolet is adding an LT1 model to the Camaro lineup, which will deliver cheaper V8 horsepower to the masses. Yes, where you had to get the SS package to win a V-8, you can now do it with the cheaper finishing package. For 2020, Chevy has also given up on the nose treatment that was insulted by just about everyone. There are also strong rumors that revolve around a variant of the 6th generation Z / 28.

However, that doesn’t help us after 2023, when the organization chart ends for the 6th generation Camaro. When the 5th generation debuted for the 2010 model year, sales went through the roof, but since then, sales have tended to drop steadily.

However, the main factor that will kill the 6th generation will be the end of GM’s Alpha platform, on which the Camaro rides. Newer designs, such as the Cadillac CT4 and CT5, use the A2XX platform, which, we can assume, would also have been the basis of the 7th generation Camaro. Add to that the biggest supporter of the Camaro at GM, its chief engineer Al Oppenheiser, has been reassigned to the electric car team, and it’s easy to see why Camaro fans feel hopeless. One would also think that this alludes to a possible electric Camaro.

However, GM never said the Camaro was dead, just delayed, so we’re probably going to face another hiatus like we did between 4th and 5th generation cars. This seems more likely since the Camaro nameplate is one of GM’s most valuable brands and the car is legion. We can only hope for a 7th generation Camaro, but it seems unlikely until 2025 or 2026 at the earliest. But then again, Camaro fans have shown a propensity for patience. Also, it might be worth the wait.


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