Hatchback Cars

Why Don’t People Like Hatchback Cars So Much?

Why Don’t People Like Hatchback Cars So Much?

Hatchback Cars: The hatchback is one of the most useful types of compact cars around. The hatchback provides the driver with plenty of room for cargo alongside space for passengers. A hatchback typically has more space for storage than a larger vehicle, not to mention a lower cost on average. Many hatchbacks also offer a better fuel economy rating, what with them not requiring as much storage space as you might expect.

But at the same time, the hatchback has become an unpopular car model over time. Much of this is due to the general stigma that people have towards hatchbacks. So, what makes people so leery about hatchbacks? Let’s look at some of these points.

Hatchback Cars
Hatchback Cars

Too Short For Some

A hatchback is typically shorter in length than a traditional sedan. A hatchback may be around six to ten inches shorter in many cases. This might not seem like much until you see how the hatchback fits into a parking garage versus a bunch of other vehicles.

Many people might not be aware of how the hatchback is a little taller than a sedan in many instances. A hatchback may be a few inches higher up, thus offering for a bit of extra room for cargo, not to mention added headroom for people. But the sizing here is not necessarily something that you might think about all that much.

A Cheap Option

One interesting concern that people have about hatchback is that these vehicles are rather small in size. You might find some hatchbacks that are very pretty affordable these days. You could find a Kia Rio for less than $15,000, or you could spend a few thousand extra for a Honda Fit. The Honda Civic hatchback is closer to $20,000, thus rounding out the high-end models for sale.

But while these prices are valuable, there is a stigma that many people hold regarding hatchbacks. Because they cost less, many people assume that these are just cheap vehicles that keep them from being high-up on the social ladder. People are not all that interested in vehicles that are cheap and not as strong as they might wish they could be. Besides, all of those companies have more high-end vehicles that are seen as more exciting by many people.

SUV Are More Popular

Many people are more willing to buy SUVs than hatchbacks. They would prefer to get SUVs because those vehicles offer more space for storage. But at the same time, the hatchback often provides room for many items in spite of how it might not be as large as an SUV.

Is the Engine Good Enough?

Many people are not interested in hatchbacks because they often feel that the engines in these vehicles are too weak. These include engines that have just four cylinders and not as much displacement as what you may find elsewhere. Those vehicles might not produce as much horsepower either. Such things can be issues for people because they assume that these hatchbacks are not going to carry as much weight as other vehicles can, nor will they think that hatchbacks can move fast or accelerate well.

But the fact is that these hatchbacks are designed to handle many types of driving conditions. You can find various hatchbacks today that are suitable for urban and suburban driving, particularly in heavy traffic situations. The smaller engines in these hatchbacks work best for such tight commutes. The fact that a smaller engine does not use as much fuel as other choices on the market helps as well. This should give you enough pep for moving around, although many people might not be all that excited about something that useful.

No Distinct Style

The last issue that people have about hatchbacks is that they think these vehicles are too plain in their appearance. People often assume that these hatchbacks are unattractive and blocky in appearance. While some vehicles like the Honda Cube or anything in the Scion line might not look all that intriguing or may look emotionally distant, you can still find that the hatchback can come with a unique style. Curved lines and edges, spoiler-like effects, and even tinted window features can be included in some hatchbacks, although some of these features are optional on said models.

People should not assume that the hatchback is a bad type of vehicle to utilize. But you should look at what makes the hatchback different from other types of vehicles you might see on the market. This is an outstanding vehicle that does well for many of your transport needs, but you should look at what works for you when getting such a hatchback ready for your demands.

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