What Were The Odds? Yellow Lamborghini Aventador Crashes Into Another One

Okay, we understand, the roads are pretty open these days and the lack of traffic could mean that there are more opportunities to stretch the legs of our automobiles more often. Even more if you have a nice supercar sitting in your garage. However, you shouldn’t drive like an idiot. Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimit sprints are one thing, but driving in Singapore with your boyfriend in Lamborghini Aventadors screaming for attention, then having an accident with each other at a busy intersection so everyone can see it? Yes, it sounds like a perfect weekend.

Carscoops discovered this story which happened a week ago at an intersection of Sembawang Road in the small country of Singapore. I mean, when something as publicized as this happens, each local media will broadcast the story a few minutes after reaching the appropriate authorities. The roads of Singapore have not been as busy in recent weeks, the country starting to move towards a regular reopening of businesses and services, called phase 1 of the “circuit breaker” program.

Everyone seems to have taken out their cellphones for the crash, and there are even reports that the Lamborghini’s drive erratically to begin with. A dashcam of the same day of the accident shows one of the Aventadors cutting another vehicle.

According to the report, it is very likely that one of the Aventadors was arrested in the light while he was in the back by the other. The report even indicates that the owners quickly removed their license plates, as if they could not be easily identified in the various CCTV traffic cameras and the initial barrage of photos and telephone videos taken at the scene.

I mean, who can miss yellow Aventadors rolling on black wheels, with matching skirts, diffusers and rear fenders? The rear Aventador S appears to have suffered damage to the bumper, diffuser and rear panel. While the Aventador S behind spoiled their front bumper and their separator. It also seems that a small fire started in the engine compartment of the Aventador S opposite, but that it was quickly extinguished by a fire extinguisher.

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