What Is Polestar car and What Makes It Special?

What Is Polestar Car and What Makes It Special?

Polestar Car is a name that you probably have never heard of when it comes to the auto industry. But it is a brand of performance vehicles that has been around for nearly twenty years. But while the brand has been involved in racing events, the company has never made any vehicles that were available to the public. But in 2020, that is going to change.

Polestar is a brand operated by the Swedish car company Volvo. The brand was introduced in 1996 as a line for vehicles that Volvo would produce for touring car competitions. The company was originally called Flash Engineering but was eventually renamed Polestar in the 2000s.


The company has made appealing vehicles for racing use with turbocharged engines, but the Polestar 1 consumer vehicle will be different as it offers a plug-in hybrid body. The car is based off of the Volvo Concept Coupe from a few years ago.

A Background on Polestar

Polestar has been an interesting name to watch for in the vehicle industry. The company was introduced by Volvo as a means of adapting Volvo vehicles for use as larger performance vehicles for racing use. The company had been making performance parts for vehicles over the years, although the company has expanded quite well to offer extended vehicle parts that are more powerful than what is found on the market. It has only been recently that the company has been working on producing cars for consumer use.

But the most noteworthy part about Polestar is that it is a line that Volvo is planning for its electric car division. The Polestar 1, the first vehicle off the lot in 2020, will feature a plug-in hybrid design. After that, several outstanding features will be included in Polestar vehicles with the intention of offering more powerful all-electric bodies.

A Somewhat Familiar Body

Now that you know what Polestar has to offer, it helps to see what the Polestar 1 will have in particular. The first point to see in the Polestar 1 entails how the body offers a somewhat similar body that you might have seen in other places. The design is similar to what Volvo uses in its 60 and 90-series vehicles, although the wheelbase is about 12 inches shorter. The rear overhang is also cut down by about half a foot in length. The slimmer body will look somewhat familiar and yet refined.

The carbon fiber construction on the vehicle ensures it will keep moving forward and stay mobile. The risk of drag should be minimal on this car.

How Does the Power Work?

The power produced by the engine ensures it will be easier for the car to move around well. A basic petrol engine is available with a 2.0L four-cylinder design, while two electric motors will assist in providing an electric range of a little over 100 miles. The range provides a good mix of electric and fuel power to keep the vehicle running in many conditions.

Inside Features

The inside parts of the Polestar 1 are worth noticing. The flush position on the inside will rise up automatically when the car goes at 62 miles per hour or greater. The position retracts down when the speed goes under 43 mph. The design helps with keeping the down force on the vehicle under control.

What About the Cost?

As attractive as the Polestar 1 should be, it is not going to be cheap. To start, Polestar is only making 500 of these vehicles per year. These will all be made from the same factory in Chengdu, China.

Also, the asking price will be very extensive. The vehicle will be available for $155,000. This would obviously be out of the price range for many people.

What About Other Models?

Some other Polestar vehicles are expected in the future. These include the Polestar 2, a vehicle that is expected to be an electric-only model. The Polestar 3 is also in the works as an electric SUV. There haven’t been many details made out on those vehicles like what people can get out of the Polestar 1.

The interesting ways how the Polestar 1 and other vehicles will intrigue people are worth noting. But the rise of Polestar on the commercial market in general is something for everyone to look forward to. Don’t expect to see many Polestar 1 models on the market though, what with this being a very fancy vehicle.

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