Modern Chrysler Aspen Rendering

What If Chrysler Relaunched The Aspen? Check Out This Rendering

Remember the Chrysler Aspen? We suspect the answer is no. It was a three-row SUV with chassis on chassis that shared the foundations of the Dodge Durango. The model did not last long either arriving for the 2007 model year and leaving for the 2009MY. Now designer Kleber Silva has revived the Aspen for a rendering showing what a new one might look like.

While the original Aspen has a muscular and straight style, Silva’s interpretation includes many more curves. At the front there is a fairly small mesh grille and narrow headlights with sharp edges. The lower fascia is simple with three openings and fog lights on the lower edges. The folds on the hood evoke the ribs of this section of the original Aspen.

On the side, there is a prominent fold that extends to the rear lights. Unlike the original boxy, there is a fluid roofline which makes the rendering somewhat similar to an Alfa Romeo Stelvio from the point of view of the rear quarters.

At the rear, the rear lights cover the entire width of the modern Aspen from Silva. Two large trapezoidal exhausts oriented vertically integrate into the bumper.

Judging by the amount of space behind the rear doors, there seems to be only enough space for Silva’s design to be a two-row crossover, unlike the original. Maybe there is enough interior volume for a tiny third row, but people would be very cramped there.

Having a crossover to spare seems like a great strategy for the Chrysler brand. The brand currently offers the old 300 sedan, the Pacifica minivan and the Voyager, which is just a cheaper Pacifica. The nameplate needs serious rejuvenation, and a new product would be at least a step in the right direction.

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