We’ve Never Seen A VW Camper Van For Sale Like This One

We’ve Never Seen A VW Camper Van For Sale Like This One

Over the years, it’s safe to say we’ve written our fair share of interesting Volkswagen Transporter camper articles, but this one takes the cake. He started in life as a T2 in 1974 before the PaCoMobil company in Mexico City, Mexico turned him into a weirdly interesting snail camper. Not only is this a sight to see, but it’s also quite rare as only around 50 have been converted to this spec, and only six are said to have survived.

It is to be gained without reservation on Bring a leadr with the highest bid at the time of writing this being $ 10,000 with four days until the auction ends. The seller provided extensive details and a full gallery with the funky motorhome, which is in good condition and remains mostly original. There are several motorhome body and hull imperfections, but that is to be expected from a vehicle approaching its 50s.e anniversary.

It was repainted by a previous owner and its exhaust system is not in great shape, but these are minor issues. The same can be said about the missing glove box panel and the original radio. An obvious change from the standard T2 is the screen on top of the center console, connected to the rear view camera.

The T2-based snail camper has only driven just over 91,000 kilometers (56,544 miles) and still has the original 1.6-liter air-cooled engine linked to a four-speed manual transmission. The four pot was producing 50 horsepower at the time, so it goes without saying that this isn’t the fastest motorhome, especially if you load it up with people and things.

As for the motorhome area, it is nicely equipped with storage drawers, a sink and a tiled backsplash, as well as a refrigerator housed in the cabinets. PaCoMobil added laminate flooring for the stairs giving access to the motorhome area where there is a central table and even a chandelier. The main drawback is the unfinished sleeping area above the driver, but on the other hand, it gives the new owner the freedom to fully customize it.

It might be painfully slow and need a bit of touching up here and there, but this VW T2 campervan makes up for that with its cute shape and backlit interior.

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