Western Star 49X Revealed As Daimler’s New Workhorse Vocational Truck

Western Star 49X Revealed As Daimler’s New Workhorse Vocational Truck

PORTLAND, Oregon – September 29, 2020 – Western Star today introduced the all-new 49X, its next-generation professional truck designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the most demanding applications. Supported by a stronger, lighter chassis and equipped with an all-new X-Series cab, the 49X offers maximum versatility in a specially designed package. The all-new Detroit DT12 Vocational series of transmissions and the industry-leading Detroit Assurance suite of safety systems deliver proven innovation for best-in-class safety, improved productivity and maximum uptime.

“Our dealers, truck equipment manufacturers and most importantly our customers rely on the reliability, reliability and ruggedness of Western Star trucks,” said David Carson, Senior Vice President, Professional, Daimler Trucks North America . “With the 49X, Western Star delivers on its promise of robustness, while introducing world-class security features, an operator-centric experience and simpler upgrade solutions that will keep our customers’ businesses running smoothly. . ”

Designed to get you to work quickly

“A professional truck is a tool for a job,” Carson noted. “We completely redesigned the foundations of the 49X to make it easier to assemble, provide greater durability, return more payload and improve productivity on the job site.”

The sleek design of the Western Star 49X results in total weight savings of over 350 pounds in comparable specifications to the current Western Star 4900 and that weight saving begins with an all-new pro frame. Single channel frame rail options are available in a variety of thicknesses and feature best-in-class Resisting Bending Moment (RBM) for a single channel up to 3.7 million inch-lbs. – offering greater durability and weight savings. For added strength, C-groove frame braces are available to achieve an RBM rating of 5.4 million inch-pounds. Several parent rail front frame extension options are available for applications requiring front mounted equipment, such as a plow.

The clear wrap on the rear of the cab for the 49X allows for easier adjustment with features that include: front-mounted DEF tanks; standard battery box in the cabin; several mounting locations for the air tank; Air dryer mounted under the hood (SBA) or under the cab (SFA), optimized fuel tank sizes; a compact Detroit after-treatment system; and two functional vertical exhaust stacks.

Ready to take on the toughest jobs

“Our customers rely on Western Star trucks to withstand tough conditions,” Carson continued. “To design the 49X with the durability and reliability our customers need, we went to their job sites – the oil fields in West Texas, plowing operations in New Hampshire and logging operations. of British Columbia. We developed the 49X with input from these customers, then tested it where they work to make sure it’s ready for the toughest environments. “

The all-new X-Series cab has been designed specifically for professional applications and provides additional vehicle weight reduction while providing long-term durability and operator comfort.

Advanced topology optimization was used to ensure rigidity and strength, and to determine where additional hardware was needed in the steel-reinforced aluminum cab. Development work on the cabin was the largest in Western Star history and included several cabin crash tests to ensure cabin integrity in the event of a rollover. Full vehicle agitator tests replicated 800,000 miles of use to test the innovative cab mounting system that uses professional cab isolators mounted externally for optimum stability and reduced operator fatigue and the cabin. It is the largest cabin in the segment and offers 10 to 13% more space than its competitors for greater operator comfort.

All 49X models come with all-metal exterior fixtures for a premium look and long-term durability, and a standard interior with premium amenities, including a metal accent. An optional premium trim package introduces richly crafted materials, including woodgrain and diamond seats. In all models, a wrap-around instrument panel puts the operator’s control center and panel B in line of sight to the operator. On panel B, a flex panel can be prepared for a tablet or configured for 12 additional switches or 10 gauges. In addition to a QuickFit Dash Access designed for seamless telematics or the integration of other devices, equipment control and device access are placed at the operator’s fingertips.

The 49X’s hood is constructed from a lightweight, high-strength molded composite for superior impact resistance and durability. The new hood uses an innovative and patented ISO Tech hood suspension system that behaves similarly to a typical coil spring shock absorber suspension with spring and damper. The system isolates, absorbs and dissipates chassis vibration when driving over rough terrain to protect the hood from damage and cracking.

The Detroit Advantage

Under the hood, the 49X launches the all-new Detroit DT12 Vocational automated manual transmission series. Available as DT12-V or DT12-VX and rated at a GNP of 330,000 pounds, the DT12 Vocational Series has been validated in over 35 million miles of testing to deliver performance and durability and can be paired with the venerable Detroit DD15 Gen Detroit DD16 Workhorse 5 or Workhorse, the largest and most powerful diesel engine available in the North American heavy-duty truck market. Both engines are equipped with Detroit Connect Virtual Technician remote diagnostic services to increase uptime and productivity.

Notably, the DT12 Vocational drivetrain series includes side PTO capabilities that allow for increased flexibility, unique work application modes, and shift map strategies for all types of terrain. A rock-free mode allows the 49X to break free from wheel-lock situations, an off-road mode allows smooth riding in extreme terrain, such as forest roads and rock quarries, Power Launch which provides powerful take-offs while by protecting the clutch and transmission, and a Finisher Mode that allows the truck to shift from neutral to drive without pressing the brake pedal when starting.

Best-in-class safety in the 49X is made possible by the Detroit Assurance suite of safety systems, which includes the most advanced crash mitigation system on the professional market. Detroit Assurance in the 49X offers Side Guard Assist (SGA), Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA5), tailgate alert, 0mph adaptive cruise control (ACC), lane departure warning, video capture, intelligent high beams and automatic windshield wipers and headlights.

With the optional SGA, radar technology detects moving objects and pedestrians on the passenger side of the 49X that might otherwise fall into the operator’s blind spot and alerts them with auditory and visual warnings, providing revolutionary technology for safety on the job site or on the way there.

ABA5 detects the distance and speed of moving and stationary objects in the 49X’s driving path and determines if a warning or automated braking is needed. ABA5 with Detroit Insurance is the only system on the market that operates at up to 5 miles per hour, making it ideal for busy job sites and in congested urban areas. It also recognizes moving pedestrians crossing the path of the truck, alerting and applying the brakes if the operator does not respond.

Protect the most important assets on the job site

“The real stars of every job are the men and women who work there, which is why the Western Star 49X was designed to provide best-in-class safety with Detroit, easier entry and exit to reduce injuries. at work, and best in class visibility to benefit not just the operator, but the entire crew, ”said Carson.

With slips, trips and falls serving as the second most common type of workplace injury, and with applications like a concrete mixer where an operator can enter and exit the truck fifty times in a single shift, ergonomic entry and exit designed by Western Star for the 49X. 70-degree door opening angles, five handles, and half-inch widened step steps and built like a staircase make it easier to enter and exit the cabin more safely. The steps start closer to the ground and use a volcano tread for confident foot holds with high traction, increased toe clearance, and mud, dirt, and debris push through.

Best-in-class visibility of the 49X comes from a sloped hood activated by flared frame rails, lowered engine position and engine air filtration under the hood, 28% larger one-piece corded windshield and an optional three-piece rear window is 77% larger than the 4900. Optional Borofloat® glass in the front windshield and optional polycarbonate in the rear windows provide impact resistance against debris. An innovative C-bar mirror system includes door-mounted mirrors that dampen the effects of chassis and engine vibration to keep them stable and usable in off-road or paving applications where operator visibility is on the road. The crew in the back of the truck is essential.

The 49X also debuts a two-stage LED headlight system with a heat grid printed inside and an ambient air temperature sensor that can melt three millimeters of ice in under ten minutes at 40 degrees below. zero, or burn by condensation in hot and humid environments. . Combined with a 45-degree light pattern, the 49X headlight system provides soft, even illumination that shines long and broadly to improve visibility and safety on the road or on the job site.

“Our ultimate goal was to provide a truck that benefits our customers’ bottom line,” Carson said. “We know the conditions under which our customers work, we know the challenges of their operations and we know that on-site productivity matters most. That’s why the all-new 49X is specially designed for durability, safety and maximum uptime – and for our customers. “

Available to order

The all-new Western Star 49X is available to order this winter and the first deliveries begin in early 2021.

To learn more about the 49X and for the full media kit, visit daimler-trucksnorthamerica.com/49x

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