Weird Ferrari Hybrid Prototype Has 488 Body, SF90 Stradale Headlights

As with most technologies, Ferrari’s hybrid know-how spills over into the lineup. The LaFerrari led the way in 2013 with an electrified V12 before the SF90 Stradale arrived in 2019 with a plug-in hybrid V8. It’s widely believed that the next prancing horse to boast of an electric motor will feature a newly developed V6, a downsized powertrain originally announced two years ago.

The V6 was part of the Maranello team’s 2018-2022 product roadmap, so it’s definitely coming in the next two years. Will he be electrified? It seems likely that given the same plan, around 60% of the product line will be hybrid by 2022. Prototypes of Ferraris equipped with electrified powertrains have been spotted several times, but this one has been captured by Walter vayr is particularly interesting.

The front end design may indicate SF90 Stradale due to the headlights, but the side profile indicates that the test mule could be based on the 488 GTB. The rear end has the two exhaust tips mounted higher on the bumper similar to the SF90, combined with the GTB’s single circular taillights rather than the dual setup of the SF90 and F8 Tributo.

The wheel arches, which appear much wider at the rear axle, further deepen the mystery. There appears to be a lot of room in the wheelhouse aft relative to the bow, further indicating that we are dealing with an early test mule. The high voltage yellow stickers indicate that the vehicle had an electrified powertrain, with blue wires coming out of the back and going into the cabin where they were likely connected to that laptop.

Ferrari is still planning two reveals for later this year, but judging by the rudimentary condition of this prototype, a hybrid model seems unlikely. A safer bet is the spicy 812 GTO or whatever its name, with most likely the SF90 Stradale Spider. As for the company’s first SUV, the Purosangue comes out towards the end of the 2018-2022 roadmap with a confirmed hybrid configuration.

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