We Get Cozy With the 2021 Genesis G80 On Video

It’s not often that an automaker throws you the keys to a new luxury sedan and says, “Go for it”, but we recently had that opportunity with the 2021 Genesis G80. Although our short loaned of four hours contained the caveat that we could not drive however, we learned a lot about the South Korean luxury automaker’s new offering by familiarizing ourselves with the lines and curves of the exterior, then settling in comfortably in the spacious front and rear seats.

Although it’s impossible to feel a car on a two-dimensional video screen, trust us. The new Genesis has excellent interior materials, charming styling, tons of space, and a fair amount of comfort, especially considering its reasonable price tag. Starting at less than $ 50,000, the G80 has an edge over the more expensive Audi A6, BMW 5 Series, and Mercedes-Benz E-Class, although unlike many attempts to build a cheaper car, the South Korean doesn’t feel cheap. Designate the Genesis camp for this magic trick.

We also found a lot of stylistic appreciations. There is a subtle, well-defined accent line on the shoulder that adds a lot of structure to the side profile and the quarterback view in particular. The fastback roofline seems to promise a five-door body, but the Genesis G80 is a traditional four-door. And while it’s a bit sportier than the decidedly mellow G90 full-size sedan, the midsize offering doesn’t turn into an over-aggression pastiche.

Unfortunately, since we weren’t allowed to move the 2021 G80 at all, we still don’t know if it will be a legitimate rival to other, more established luxury brands. But with a base 300-horsepower (224 kilowatt) powertrain, more than most of its base-model competitors, the spec sheet gives us hope. We should be able to provide a clearer picture once we can drive it, hopefully by the end of the year.

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