Watching The Paint Restoration Of An Old BMW Is Extremely Satisfying

As oil tankers during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have few episodes of Top Gear and The Grand Tour gorging. After exhausting most of the trio’s automotive content, many of us will most likely frequent auto channels like for greater automotive satisfaction.

While browsing the Internet, you’ve probably seen one or ten detailed videos appear in your feed. One of the latest trends among these videos includes impressive production value, with cinematic shots of designers at work. While many might argue that Gears and petrol have set the standard for this genre, the video above by Automatic chromatic details on YouTube is no exception.

Responsible for restoring the paint on a BMW 3 Series E36, the short video presents the art and crafts necessary to massage the paint in a hall finish. The video is approximately 20 minutes long but has the specific skills required to produce great results.

From the start, it is clear that there is much to do. After quickly removing the unsightly scratches from the Bimmer, a worker begins to hide the convertible top from the rest of the car. After the preparation work, comes compounding and wet sanding where many improvements are made. Along the way, the spotlights reveal the slow progress and the meticulous work required to restore painting to its former glory.

Outside of cinematography, we like to think that the instant satisfaction seen by the detail work has led this new genre to prominence. In addition to careful editing and a musical choice, these videos would seem perfectly suited to the cinema. Plus, who doesn’t like watching detailed videos designed to smooth jazz music?

Once you have more details about the videos, do not hesitate to consult them for more automotive content.

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