Watch Twin-Turbo 2020 Corvette Owner Go Too Far, Crack Piston In Half

Every ending is a new beginning, they say. Well, that might not always be true, but in this case it perfectly describes what happened to that poor 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8. But no sympathy is needed here – it’s probably for the best. .

Here is the story. Youtube star Emelia hartford is actively working on his Corvette C8 with the goal of building one of the most powerful twin-turbo C8s and a truly capable trail beast. She probably went too far with her team with supercharging the turbochargers, because the supercar’s LT2 engine simply did not survive.

In one of his latest videos (at the top), she takes the car for a spin, but the motor quickly changes its sound and throttle response. When she returns to the garage, her team discovers that something is wrong with one of the pistons. The whole story goes from “let’s see how far we can push this engine” to “see how we can rebuild this engine”.

The last video in the series (below) takes us to the disassembly of the V8 engine. The team remove the mill from the car and also remove the heads in search of the broken piston. Surprise – all pistons look good but there is still a knocking noise coming from the engine.

Further investigations clearly show that the problem is even deeper. It turns out that the whole problem is with the bent stems and that’s not much of a surprise as this is something we’ve seen with LT2 engines when pushed too hard.

So what’s the next step? We don’t know yet but Emelia and her team will be rebuilding the engine. Whether they’ll go for a stock rebuild or replace internal components with aftermarket ones, we’ll likely find out in the next episode.

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