Watch The 2022 BMW 2 Series Torture Its Tires In New Spy Video

The next-gen BMW 2 Series won’t make its debut until later in 2021, but we’ve seen quite a few spy shots already. Some prototypes had a lot of camouflage while others posed for the camera without any makeup, revealing a significant change in design from the current model. Today we are able to share the first sports coupe spy video during a recent workout at the Nürburgring gym.

As was the case with the most recent batch of spy images, we are dealing with an M Performance version probably called the “M240i”. Some reports suggest that BMW will change the version’s nickname to “M245i,” perhaps to emphasize a power boost, but that remains to be seen. Meanwhile, we can now check a prototype at full tilt around the Nordschleife, torturing its tires in the process.

While the sense of speed isn’t necessarily noticeable in the spy video, the roaring noise indicates that the test pilot gave him the proverbial beans. The fact that BMW added a roll cage at the rear is another clue that the 2 Series prototype was at Green Hell that day for proper high-speed testing. The car feels as nimble and nimble as a rear-wheel-drive compact coupe should be in an automotive world of progressively heavier performance cars that seem more and more artificial.

While only the roof is exposed, we can easily see the hood bulge and trunk lid spoiler under the swirling camouflage, while those angular exhaust trims will likely be an M Performance-only affair. The lower versions will have a pair of round tips and the high-end M2 will feature an additional pair.

The Series 2 prototype had to have a track-oriented suspension setup as it sat close to the road with very little room in the wheelhouse. The orange side markers on the front bumper could be a hint that BMW was testing the American spec version, while the silver mirror caps further suggest that it was the M Performance derivative.

The envelopes are slated to end in 2021 with the M240i / M245i headlining, the M2 will arrive later this decade.

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