Watch Tesla Model Y Duel Jeep Trackhawk In A Red Hot Drag Race

Watch Tesla Model Y Duel Jeep Trackhawk In A Red Hot Drag Race

The Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is no stranger to drag racing. Despite being an SUV, the Hellcat-powered Jeep delivers scorching results, making it a speed ambassador for the high-driving segment.

Do you know what else is a favorite on the drag track? Teslas, and we’re pretty sure you’ve seen at least one Tesla vs. the Global Drag Race here in Engine1.

That said, Edmunds pitted a Jeep Trackhawk against a Tesla and while you might expect the flagship S to take on the high octane SUV, it was actually the Model Y that represented Tesla in this race. of dragsters.

We’ve seen this showdown before, even though the Model Y came with the Model X against the Trackhawk. This time it’s a solo performance for the Y. But how similar or different are these two cars on paper? Let’s leave the numbers here before looking at the embedded video at the top.

As mentioned, the Jeep Trackhawk is powered by a supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 mill that produces up to 707 horsepower (527 kilowatts) and 645 pound-feet (875 Newton-meters) of torque. Being an SUV, and a huge one at that, comes with a tradeoff – the Trackhawk tips the scales at 5,387 pounds (2,444 kilograms).

On the other hand, the Tesla Model Y in its Performance version has an estimated power of 450 to 500 hp (373 kW) and 470 to 500 lb-ft (678 Nm) of torsion. Despite the output drawback, the Model Y has something up its sleeve against the Trackhawk: its weight. The Model Y is significantly lighter than the Trackhawk by almost a thousand pounds.

Will the weight difference give the Tesla an advantage in this drag racing duel? Watch the video at the top. Feel free to jump through the various chats, however.

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