Watch SSC Tuatara Shoot Flames During Track Mode Shifting

The American hypercar manufacturer SSC has high hopes for its next Tuatara which promises to be an impressive machine. CSC Tuatara debuted at the 2020 Philadelphia Auto Show with numbers that could embarrass a Bugatti Chiron. This impressive hypercar offers unique features but so far my favorite is featured in today’s video.

The SSC Tuatara, like the other hypercars, offers an impressive range of driving modes. The Tuatara allows drivers to choose between normal, sport, nose lift and track modes. All of these modes can adjust parameters such as throttle sensitivity, synchronization of gear changes and suspension settings, the track being the most exciting. In the featured video, we can see the glory of the SSC Tuatara in full attack mode showcasing the flame changes that reward drivers brave enough to jump into track mode.

When the track mode is activated, the SSC Tuatara considerably reduces its ride height with a front ride height reduced to 2.74 “and a rear ride height to 3.25”. This is a significant change to the 4.0 “Sport mode front ride height and 4.5” rear height. SSC also indicates that this change significantly affects the geometry of the suspensions, allowing better track performance.

The CIMA 7-speed robotic manual transmission reduced shift times by only 50 milliseconds to support this suspension change. The results are showcased in the glory spewing out the flame of today’s video. This unique transmission is coupled to the custom-made flat twin turbocharger V8 from Tuatara of 5.9 liters, which produces 1,750 horsepower (1,305 kilowatts) on E85 and 1,350 hp (1,007 kW) on 91 octane.

SSC Tuatara promises to be one of the most exciting hypercars in the world. We can’t wait to see these vehicles on the road.

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