Watch Police Chase Slippery Ford Fiesta ST In Two-Hour Car Chase

Your chances of running away from the police and successfully getting out of it are very, very low, but the driver of this Ford Fiesta ST almost makes it. The person managed to escape the cops for more than two hours and even managed to get out of sight of the police helicopter.

The chase began in the San Fernando Valley, and the driver used a mix of freeways and surface streets to get away from the cops. For much of the chase, the California Highway Patrol and other law enforcement groups stayed behind and let the helicopter watch over the Fiesta.

The driver repeatedly exceeded speeds of 100 miles per hour (161 kilometers per hour). He also sometimes drove the wrong way on the street.

At one point, the Fiesta driver pulled into the parking lot of a shopping mall and pulled over. Maybe the guy thought this method worked in Grand Theft Auto V to escape the police, so he tried it in the real world. The cops arrive a few moments later and the chase continues.

The vehicle headed for Redondo Beach and Torrance, and that’s where the cops had a big problem. The layer of low sea clouds made it dangerous to operate a helicopter due to the lack of visibility. Conditions were bad enough that the news and the police had to stop the pursuit.

The driver of the Fiesta ST did not escape the police, however. The cops arrested him at a residence in Rancho Palos Verdes, ABC News 7 reported.

It all started because the police suspected the driver of being intoxicated. After running from the police for hours, speeding and driving the wrong way, the person is probably facing a lot more charges now.

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