Watch Modified BMW M3 And M5 Sedans Hit 200 MPH With Ease

When it comes to fast sedans, it’s hard to outdo the BMW M3 and M5. In stock trim, the F80 M3 and F90 M5 are electronically limited to 155 mph, and no car wastes time getting there. The two Bimmers shown in these videos are not in stock, although the M5 is almost showroom ready. And both are 200 mph Bahn burners.

The action took place at the recent Vmax200 standing mile event, and the cars are tuned by UK-based Evolve Automotive. We’ll talk about the M5 in a moment, as the M3 features a lot of changes, including more robust turbos, upgraded injectors, intake, exhaust, and a few other bits and pieces that all work together with ECU tuning. In fact, two different tunes were used for speed racing, one for standard pump gasoline and one for racing fuel.

The green M3 hit an impressive 193 mph on pump gas, but technically speaking it couldn’t break the 200 mph barrier. It wasn’t for lack of power – an unknown speed limiter was discovered at 199 mph indicated, and with racing fuel in the tank, the M3 slammed the limiter and Stay here for several seconds before reaching the stop zone. With the limiter gone, 200 mph and beyond is a certainty.

The M5 had no limiter to worry about. As such, it hit 208 mph, which is simply astounding for a large four-door sedan. It’s even better than that, because this M5 doesn’t have a mechanical upgrade. The turbochargers are original, the engine is original, even the exhaust is original from the factory. The changes made by Evolve Automotive are twofold: a water-methanol injection system for better cooling and a reprogramming of the ECU that changes the engine map for pump gas and racing fuel.

Similar to the M3, the first tests of the M5 were carried out with standard gasoline. That didn’t stop the M5 from cruising in excess of 200 mph, with an actual recorded speed of 206 mph per mile stopped. On race fuel the car went a little faster at 208 mph, but the acceleration was intense. In short, the sedan was a total supercar killer, and according to the video, some of the supercar drivers in the event didn’t want to line up for a race because of it.

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The Evolve Automotive team hopes to go even faster with both cars soon. You can bet we’ll be watching to see these high speed sleepers in action.

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