Watch “Le Grand Rendez-Vous,” an Homage to the Original Outlaw Car Movie

Watch “Le Grand Rendez-Vous,” an Homage to the Original Outlaw Car Movie

“It was a Date” (which translates to “It was a date”) is probably one of the most famous less famous car movies: a high-speed race of about eight minutes through the almost empty streets of Paris, all shot from a camera mounted on the bumper of what looks like a Ferrari (it was actually a Mercedes 450SEL 6.9 with the sounds of the 275GTB engine filmmaker Claude Lelouch dubbed). At the end of the race, a woman waits. You might be wondering why a self-respecting Frenchman makes an appointment start at dawn, but still. (If you’re interested in watching it, a villain has posted the full movie on YouTube.) Today Lelouch, who made the 1976 original and drove the camera car, released his pseudo remake, “The Great Meeting. “ (So, “The Big Date” – French loses all its magic when you translate it, doesn’t it?)

“Le Grand Rendez-Vous” was filmed in Monaco on Sunday May 24, the day of the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix canceled 2020. Instead we have Charles Leclerc, Scuderia Ferrari driver born in Monaco , and an honest Ferrari SF90 Stradale adrift on the Grand Prix course. He runs it at high speed, and waiting for it at the end is – wait, wait – Prince Albert II of Monaco!

Leclerc gives the masked prince a thrill ride on the course, and then ends up finding the girl who’s waiting. She now has a name: Rebecca the florist. (Which would have sounded better in French.) In real life, it’s Rebecca Blanc-Lelouch, granddaughter of director Lelouch and Gunilla Friden, the beauty who awaited him at the end of the original film.

Unlike the 1976 “Rendez-vous”You, “” Le Grand Rendez-Vous “was a well-organized production, with 15 cameras, two Ferraris, a full rehearsal (you can see tire marks on some shots) and, you know, permission. few people and cars on the course, and we assume they knew what was going on when a 1000 horsepower Ferrari shouted at full speed.

As a result, the new “Le Grand Rendez-Vous” does not have the grainy feeling created on the impulse of the dangerously dangerous original outlaw, and it is easy to dismiss this as a glorified Ferrari advertisement. But it’s still a nice movie with a fast Ferrari driving well and lots of action. And masks. Watching it is five and a half minutes well spent.

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