Watch Ferrari F8 Try To Take Down McLaren 720S In The Quarter Mile

There is no shortage of supercars available today. High powered machines come from almost every auto maker in one form or another, but few cars turn heads like a Ferrari or a McLaren. Both are the pinnacle of performance, so when two line up on a drag track – the F8 Tributo and the 720S – it’s best to be careful. The DragTimes YouTube channel has a new video pitting the two supercars against each other in a trio of drag racing.

Both produce 710 horsepower (530 kilowatts) and 568 pound-feet (770 Newton-meters) of torque, sending power through seven-speed dual-clutch transmissions to the rear wheels. The Ferrari uses a 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 while McLaren uses a slightly larger 4.0-liter unit. One of the few differences is their weight. The McLaren tips the scales at 3,120 pounds (1,415 kilograms) while the Ferrari is heavier at 3,480 pounds (1,578 kg).

Another difference is the driver. The first quarter-mile drag race gives the Ferrari a much better start than the McLaren, quickly gaining a lead and maintaining it as both cars cross the finish line. The Ferrari finished the first race in 10.445 seconds at 136.32 miles per hour (219.38 kilometers per hour). The McLaren was right behind her at 10.469 seconds at 223 km / h. Few changes for the other two races, with the Ferraris each winning just tenths of a second.

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The McLaren is a 2018 model, although it should have beaten the 2020 Ferrari, which weighs several hundred pounds more. Both have the same specs, so a race like this comes down to skill. When such small increments of time separate the two cars, even a near-perfect shaft reaction may not be enough to secure a win or maintain a lead. What would the results be if the drivers changed cars?

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