Watch Diesel Truck Explode On Dyno Going For 3,000 Horsepower

Watch Diesel Truck Explode On Dyno Going For 3,000 Horsepower

When you push anything to its limits, the risk of catastrophic failure increases. This Industrial Injection Diesel Performance video provides a perfect example of this phenomenon. The company aims to build a power plant with an astronomical power of 3,000 horsepower (2,237 kilowatts). When the truck hits the dynamometer to check the output, the race ends with a fireball.

The clip begins with the truck on the dynamometer spewing black smoke into the air. The person behind the wheel gradually increases the engine speed. When the race really starts, it’s only a matter of seconds before the engine explodes. The fire does not last long and people nearby react quickly with fire extinguishers.

It was not the first time this engine had been running on the test bench today. The 2,920 flashing at the bottom of the frame is the previous result. Being so close to the 3,000 horsepower target, it’s not too hard to understand the temptation to try again and push things a little harder.

Another photo (below) captures the moment of destruction. You can see the upper part of the engine going up to the top and the fireball below. Everything fell apart in the blink of an eye.

The driver suffered burns to his arm, but no other serious injuries were caused by this catastrophic failure. The real victim is the highly tuned Performance Diesel Injection engine, but it is possible to build another. Maybe this time the powertrain can even hit the 3000 horsepower target.

Judging by the performance image of this engine’s fuel-injected diesel before it was destroyed, it’s not an engine you would ever use on the streets. Instead, this beast is a way for the company to show what’s possible and what the engineering team is capable of.

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