Watch Chevy Corvette C8 Share Laguna Seca With Hypercars

The Corvette C8 appears to be a great all-round sports car. He is happy to sail or can have awesome times on the drag strip. This video from Speed ​​Phenom proves that the new ‘Vette also excels on the track.

Speed ​​Phenom is heading for a track day at Laguna Seca, and there are a lot of awesome machines there. There are even complete racing cars like a Ford Mustang GT4 and competitors from Ferrari Challange. Presumably they’re there to fine-tune the setups, while people like Speed ​​Phenom are just around the circuit for fun.

During his first stint, the track was surprisingly empty. He passes a Lotus Evora, but otherwise Speed ​​Phenom seems to have the track all to himself. He takes the opportunity to open the Vette and is able to score a lap time of one minute 38 seconds.

Even in hot weather, the Corvette has no problem with overheating, unlike some Laguna Seca Vettes C7 Z06 on this day. Still, Speed ​​Phenom is already considering what Chevy could do to make the C8 an even better track car. More horsepower is naturally on the wishlist and bigger brakes to deal with the extra performance potential. He also wants extra support at the front and rear.

A meaner Corvette is in development, but we don’t expect to see an unveiling until next year at the earliest. The powertrain would be a 5.5-liter, flat-cranked V8 with dual overhead camshafts.

At the end of the video, Speed ​​Phenom checks out a Ford GT that is also participating in the track day. It’s in a gorgeous shade of gold that would be a $ 30,000 option. The owner even regularly uses the supercar, totaling more than 12,875 kilometers.

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