Watch Audi R8 Get Soaking Wet Drifting At Bonneville Salt Flats

Watch Audi R8 Get Soaking Wet Drifting At Bonneville Salt Flats

For most tankers, when we hear about salt flats, we are immediately drawn to Bonneville. While the Bonneville salt flats are known to be the spiritual home of the land speed record, designer and visual artist Isaiah Suko saw it as the perfect place to capture drifting cinematic footage.

For the uninitiated, Suko defines himself as a multidisciplinary creator with work in photography, videography, graphics and branding. He has had the opportunity to photograph artists like Soulja Boy and Drake Bell, while traveling the world and designing brands for his clients.

On the way home from a road trip with a friend, Suko decided to jump in and capture a video of their Audi R8. What better place to do it than the Bonneville Salt Flats that the couple stumbled upon on their return trip to Phoenix from Seattle. As an added bonus, the salt flats were inundated by a recent downpour of rain and did a great job of showcasing the R8’s all-wheel-drive growl.

The vehicle in the video appears to be a first generation Audi R8. As the engine note is doubled by music to accompany the aesthetic of the video, we can’t be sure whether it has a V10 or a V8. That said, we know that any tanker worth his salt would never miss a chance to glide over the Bonneville Salt Flats.

After the drifting getaway, the video features a parts wash where the R8 receives a good powerwash and leaves the air freshened up. Unsurprisingly, the car wash was a great opportunity to get more cinematic shots of the German supercar. While the video lacks any script of any kind, it does show how the R8 rookie’s appearance still stands.

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