Watch A Smart ForTwo Driver Back Boat Out Of The Driveway

Watch A Smart ForTwo Driver Back Boat Out Of The Driveway

The Smart car is known for many features: its small size, great handling and affordability. Yet no one on God’s Green Earth has ever questioned his towing ability until now, as the proud owner of a ForTwo was filmed with his fishing boat in tow.

The story goes that the driver bought the vehicle after dropping his truck to reduce expenses at the pump. Although he reduced his size, he did not hesitate to manufacture the vehicle himself, installing a sports exhaust strong enough to attract the attention of his wife sitting inside. With his fishing rod pushing out the window, the owner was not going to let his small car get in the way of his fishing hobby.

While you envision a pickup truck as the right tool for the job here, the Smart can only spit out a paltry 70 horsepower (52 kilowatts) and 92 pound-feet (124 newton-meters) of torque. No wonder the ForTwo’s compact engine wasn’t designed to set records in tractor pull events, but what it lacks in power it efficiently makes up for – its three-cylinder. 1.0-liter was one of the most efficient engines in the world in its day, releasing only 97 grams of C02 per kilometer.

After an Austin Powers three point turn was needed to get out of the fairway, he was off to the races – much to our surprise. We would love to see a future video of the boat and car arriving at the dock and disembarking, but we’ll definitely give them the benefit of the doubt.

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