Watch 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Prove Its Real Bronco In Moab

The Ford Bronco has a lot to prove to the market. Of course, the Bronco is the most exciting outing of the year, but Bronco Sport’s little brother will have to work very hard to prove that he is a real Bronco. With a more affordable price tag, a fuel-efficient drivetrain, and unibody construction, the Bronco Sport may look like a branded cash grab, but based on its testing at Moab, UT the Bronco Sport is a serious SUV.

Moab Utah is the off-road destination in the United States where off-road enthusiasts flock to prove their off-road driving skills and the capabilities of their SUVs and trucks. In Ford’s latest Bronco marketing round, we can see the all-new Bronco in different versions tackling the tough terrain in Moab to show customers exactly what their reserved Bronco will be capable of. This test is particularly exciting for Bronco Sport.

The Bronco Sport has the most to prove to customers who are highly skeptical that the small family SUV can handle a tough test drive. Based on the videos posted from the field, they were very impressed. This family SUV performs much better than you might imagine, tackling obstacles and difficult tests in its production version with factory tires.

Using advanced technology, the Bronco Sport can easily handle situations where a locking differential was required but previous generation SUVs. The ability to handle crawling rocks with sand dunes and rugged trails proves the Bronco Sport is more than just badge engineering, and it’s a true off-road performance product.

Pushing the Bronco Sport to its limits proves that building a baby Bronco was much more than a shameless cash grab by Ford. It is an all-terrain machine in its own right and a worthy Bronco nameplate standard bearer.

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