VW Taos Will Lend Its 1.5-Liter Turbo Engine To The Jetta

VW Taos Will Lend Its 1.5-Liter Turbo Engine To The Jetta

Volkswagen’s next big asset in the crossover segment is called the Taos. It will debut on October 13th and after our first exclusive prototype we are confident it will become a hit in the market. It’s beautiful, practical, fun to drive and – last but not least – has a new 1.5-liter engine.

The four-cylinder turbocharger is developed from the current Volkswagen Jetta’s 1.4-liter turbo-four with a long list of efficiency and power improvements. According to a new report from our colleagues at Roadshow, the 1.5 TSI will soon be available for the Jetta.

“We have some lifecycle management going into its future,” said Johan de Nysschen, COO of Volkswagen of America, when asked if the Jetta was next in contention for the 1.5 TSI at a media event at Volkswagen’s R&D center in Oxnard, California. The switch to the newer, more efficient 1.5-liter unit makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

The power advantage of the new 1.5 TSI over its predecessor is not huge – the gain is only 11 horsepower (8 kilowatts), but the new powertrain should be significantly more efficient. The EPA has not released its figures for the Taos, but Volkswagen promises benefits not only in “fuel consumption proven by the EPA cycle”, but more importantly, “in fuel consumption for real customers”.

The Jetta, due for a complete refresh next year or 2022, is already a relatively efficient offering in its segment with 30 mpg in the city, 40 mpg on the highway and 34 mpg combined. Assuming the new 1.5-liter engine would give the sedan an efficiency increase of around 10%, we could consider EPA numbers 33/44/37 for city / highway / combined for the Jetta. Speaking of the vehicle’s mechanical upgrade, we expect the 1.5 TSI to be introduced for the Jetta with the aforementioned facelift.

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