VW ID.4 Interior Teased Before September Full Debut

VW ID.4 Interior Teased Before September Full Debut

The ID.4 is fast approaching its launch, with the first vehicles due to be delivered before the end of this year. In the future, Volkswagen’s ID.4 will be part of the growing compact SUV segment globally – with plans to produce and sell the e-SUV not only in Europe, but also in Europe. China and later in the United States. Unlike comparable Volkswagen models, the interior of the vehicle has a new character as the compact electric transmission results in a very spacious interior. Klaus Zyciora, Head of Design for the Volkswagen Group, sums up the interior of the all-rounder SUV in a striking phrase: “freedom outside, free space inside”. Zyciora and his team developed the vehicle in his former role as Volkswagen brand design manager. He explains that “the ID.4 brings a new sense of space to its class with the new MEB platform, our modular electric drive matrix.

Typically SUV: large door openings, pleasant and elevated seating position

Entering is already a pleasure. The door handles of the ID.4 are flush with the body and come with an electric release. Driver and passengers access the vehicle through large door openings and benefit from an elevated seating position, while the rear seat offers as much space as a conventional SUV in the next higher class. It is also easy to stow a lot of luggage – the luggage compartment already has a volume of 543 liters with the rear seat backs upright.

The interior design of the ID.4 emphasizes the sense of space: like the exterior design, it appears fluid and light, focusing on the essentials. The dashboard appears to float, as it is unrelated to the center console, which was designed as an independent component. A large tilting panoramic glass sunroof (optional) offers a clear view of the sky. When darkness falls, the background lighting can be adjusted in a spectrum of 30 colors to define striking reflections inside the vehicle. Klaus Zyciora points out that the entire display and control concept has been designed logically and simply, adding that “the ID.4’s intuitive operability brings new electric convenience to the crossover SUV category”.

ID. Light is a new feature in all IDs. models – a light strip under the windshield. It supports drivers in a multitude of situations with intuitive lighting effects in different colors. Accordingly, ID. The light signals the driver that the vehicle’s drive system is active and the car has been unlocked or locked. It emphasizes information from driving assistance and navigation systems and signals brake prompts and incoming phone calls. In conjunction with the navigation system, ID. The light helps to smoothly guide drivers through traffic: by flashing, it recommends a lane change and can also warn the driver if their ID.4 is in the wrong lane.

Seats: very comfortable with animal-free cover materials

The front seats of the ID.4 are both sporty and comfortable. In ID.4 1ST Max02 A limited-edition model, which will debut in Germany upon market launch, the seats bear the German Campaign for a Healthier Back (AGR) seal of approval. They come with a number of power adjustment options, while their pneumatic lumbar supports have a built-in massage function. The materials underline the character of the wellness salon. The two future models in limited edition ID.402 come with seat covers made from animal free materials. They are made from a combination of faux leather and ArtVelours – a microfiber material that is made from around 20% recycled PET bottles.

The interior of the ID.4 1ST02 and ID.4 1ST The limited edition Max models are dominated by calm and sophisticated colors called Platinum Gray and Florence Brown. The steering wheel, steering column, display housings and door control panels are available in trendy piano black or purist electric white. The bright color puts a futuristic highlight throughout the vehicle interior and underlines its clear design.

The future of mobility is electric. For this reason, the Volkswagen brand will invest eleven billion euros in electric mobility by 2024 as part of the Transform 2025+ strategy. As Volkswagen’s first fully electric SUV, the ID.4 is the second model of the ID. range after ID.303. This new individual product line is the latest addition to the brand’s traditional product portfolio. In this process, the designation ID. stands for smart design, identity and visionary technologies. The ID.4 will celebrate its world premiere before the end of September 2020.

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