VW Group To Decide Bugatti And Lamborghini Fate In November: Report

Later this year, the VW Group will take a long and careful look at its portfolio and, according to a new Reuters report, he could decide to put Lamborghini, Bugatti and Ducati on sale. The automaker is examining its brands and products as the company shifts to producing electric vehicles while looking to double its value. Although a sale of three of them would be drastic, the executives, who declined to be named, told the publication the automaker was considering several options.

These other options include VW inking “technology partnerships” or some form of “restructuring”. The VW group could also list or sell all three brands. The re-examination takes place as the conglomerate allocates its resources not only to mass-produced electric vehicles, but also to the development and production of semi-self-driving and autonomous vehicle technologies, connected cars, and more. It’s a costly business, with some inside VW wondering if it’s worth developing electric vehicles for brands that have earned a solid reputation with combustion engines.

“Brands need to be measured against new requirements,” said Herbert Diess, VW Group CEO. Reuters, which includes electrification, connectivity and digitalization. Speculation about the VW Group’s plans for its premium brands is nothing new. Last year, rumors were circulating that VW would sell Lamborghini and Bentley by 2030. Bugatti’s future is much more interesting. This month, reports revealed that VW had agreed to sell the French bespoke car maker to Rimac, the Croatian electric car maker. However, that would not see Bugatti leaving the influence of the Group entirely – Porsche holds a 15.5% stake in Rimac.

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To see Bugatti and Lamborghini sold would be surprising, but the two have had several different owners since their founding. According to the biggest German union IG Metall, what is not on the table to be listed is Porsche or Audi. However, union leader Joerg Hofmann told the outlet that he was not against listing the other two.

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