VW Beetle Volkswagen Beetle

Is that the VW Beetle Still Relevant In 2019?

Is that the VW Beetle Still Relevant In 2019?

VW Beetle Still Relevant In 2019: Few cars are quite as iconic as the Volkswagen Beetle. The vehicle has been very popular over the years thanks to its distinct shape, but there is much more to the Beetle than a pretty face. The Beetle has grown to be a popular compact vehicle that works well in many urban situations.

But at the same time, the Beetle has been around for so long and so many other vehicles have been introduced over the years, you might think that the Beetle is not as relevant as it used to be. Even more so, you might be surprised to find that the Beetle is going to be discontinued. Volkswagen announced that the Beetle will cease production on July 2019. The assembly for the Beetle in Puebla City, Mexico will be closing down then.

Even as Volkswagen is about to discontinue the Beetle, and that vehicle remains appealing to many. But what makes the Beetle so popular to this day?

VW Beetle Volkswagen Beetle
VW Beetle Volkswagen Beetle

Still Performs

The original Bug was popular for having an engine that performs well and lasts for years. It is no wonder why many Bugs are still on the road with many of them having their original engines.

The new 2019 Beetle is just like this. You can find a Beetle engine with a six-speed automatic transmission that uses several control modes. The Tiptronic manual shifting mode is available, while the Sport mode gives you extra control over multiple speeds.

What’s even more impressive is that many Beetle models include turbocharged engines. These include four-cylinder engines that increase how emissions move through an engine to allow it to become more powerful. In fact, you might get 30 miles per gallon with this kind of vehicle engine depending on how you use it.

VW Beetle Volkswagen Beetle 2019
VW Beetle Volkswagen Beetle 2019

A Nice Seating

You can tell that Volkswagen is working to make the final edition of the Beetle outstanding when you see how the vehicle has a great seating layout. The premium cloth materials in the inside are comfortable, but some diamond-stitched leather seats can be utilized as well. These seats offer a gentle approach to the vehicle.

A Retro-Inspired Design

The best way to describe the design of the Beetle is that it features a style that is influenced by past vehicles and yet looks forward to whatever the next generation will bring. From the class-inspired glove box to the classic and distinct dashboard, you will find many intriguing features around the vehicle that add a nice style. You can also find features like ambient lighting with adjustable colors and a carefully designed steering wheel with helpful controls that will assist you with getting more out of your driving desires.

An Evolution In Tech

The Beetle continues to be important today as the vehicle has managed to evolve with many technical features that are to the convenience of all drivers. The Beetle features points like an App Connect system that helps to get multimedia applications to link up to the dashboard in the middle part of the vehicle.

Added Bluetooth support for mobile devices and an optional Fender audio system makes for an entertaining ride. People can link their media devices and phones up to the unit in moments.

Lasts a While

People don’t have to worry about the risk of the Beetle being at risk of harm. You can find the VW Beetle to be safe to drive thanks to the blind spot monitoring system that is triggered when changing lanes. A safety cage with crumple zones on the sides will absorb energy in a wreck as well. The rigid design keeps the Beetle from being at risk of much harm. A post-collision breaking system is also included to keep the vehicle from skidding or moving too much after a wreck.

So, is the Volkswagen Beetle still relevant? It is true that the Beetle will be going away in 2019, but even today the Beetle is still a valuable vehicle worth looking at. The exciting design of the Beetle and the unique technical features of the vehicle make it a popular choice for drivers. In short, the Beetle is heading out in style and will surely remain a popular and interesting vehicle even as Volkswagen moves on to other vehicle models.

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