Voyah iFree Electric SUV Concept Shows Off Some Great Chinese Design

Voyah iFree Electric SUV Concept Shows Off Some Great Chinese Design

Another day another new Chinese brand that you’ve probably never heard of. Voyah, the luxury division of Chinese automaker Dongfeng Motor Corporation, is making its only second public appearance this week by participating in the Beijing Auto Show after its launch in July this year. During the event, the brand presents its second conceptual model.

Discover the iFree, an all-electric SUV prototype that presents a preview of a production EV SUV of the same size and type. It’s obviously still a showcar with all the over-the-top design solutions you’d expect from a Chinese concept, but to us it already sounds interesting and promising.

We do not have the exact dimensions of the vehicle but, looking at the photos, we are assuming that it will be approximately the size of the Mercedes-Benz EQC. It is based on a platform dedicated to electrified vehicles, developed internally by Dongfeng and its partners. Voyah says she aims to provide “highly intelligent, anxiety-free service” with her new product once it goes on sale at some point next year.

Voyah iFree electric SUV (front)
Voyah iFree Electric SUV (rear)

Design-wise, the iFree isn’t your typical Chinese copy. In fact, it features a unique design language inspired by Kun Peng, a mythical Chinese bird. The concept’s massive emblem that spans the full width of the front fairing symbolizes the bird’s open wings. The side profile is muscular with wide and pronounced wheel arches.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about what is hidden under the elegant suit. The brand’s new EAAS platform (electric, smart and secure architecture) is expected to be able to accommodate Donfeng’s latest-generation electric powertrain, similar to what we saw in the Dongfeng Yixuan-EV.

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