Volkswagen Electric vehicle

Volkswagen Electric vehicle expected very soon on roads

Volkswagen Electric vehicle expected very soon on roads

Volkswagen Electric vehicle: Volkswagen has been making a few vehicles in recent time that feature hybrid designs. The e-Golf and Golf SportWagen are both available with hybrid engines in mind. But VW is looking to move forward and produce another outstanding development.

Volkswagen is planning to release a new electric vehicle. This vehicle would be based loosely off of the electric options that VW has been producing in recent time. But what is more interesting is that the electric vehicle that VW wants to be released would be somewhat affordable when compared with other choices.

VW announced this vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show recently. The vehicle would be the next big step in the company’s desire to offer an electric vehicle for sale. The company has been behind a few prototypes for electric cars, although those vehicles are very different in what they have to offer.

Volkswagen Electric vehicle
Volkswagen Electric vehicle

Understanding the Car

Scott Keogh, the new CEO of American operations for Volkswagen, stated that the LA Auto Show that VW will bring out a new electric vehicle in 2020. He has not made any statements on what the car would be like or if the car would be a derivative of any of the electric prototypes the company has been working on in recent time.

Keogh has been mum on what to expect out of the vehicle. But what is known about the vehicle is that the car will be somewhat affordable when it comes to electric cars. While many electric cars come with lofty price tags, VW’s model is expected to be good for about $30,000 to $40,000. This is around the same value range as that of the Chevrolet Bolt that is on sale now and the Tesla Model 3 that will be on sale next year.

Also, the car would be imported into the United States. The electric vehicle would be built at one of the company’s foreign factories. Keogh states that the company will eventually open a plant in the United States devoted to producing electric vehicles.

Until then, there will be some debate over whether or not VW will continue to move forward with the electric vehicle. The company has already been making some big waves, particularly in retiring the Beetle after the coming year and in working on the Tanoak, a vehicle that would be the first pickup truck from VW if it ever goes into production.

An Ongoing Effort

While Volkswagen has produced some electric prototypes in the past, the new car for 2020 is the latest development in the company’s ongoing work to try and produce an electric vehicle. Volkswagen has four electric concept vehicles at the moment.

The concept vehicles from the company have been tested regularly to see how well their battery functions work and if the vehicles are safe for use in many environments. These four vehicles are in the ID line.

The original ID is designed to have 370 miles on a charge. There are also plans to have a retractable steering wheel for a fully automatic mode, a feature that would make driving with the vehicle a little easier to handle.

The ID Vizzion is another one of these electric vehicles, although this model appears to be more of a high-end choice. The Vizzion recognizes the passengers in the vehicle and can recall information on the music channels, seating positions, air conditioning settings, and other features they prefer. Voice controls would also be made available on this model. This is still a prototype, as there is an extensive amount of work to be done on this model.

The ID Crozz is the third of those electric concepts from VW. This vehicle is considered to be the closest that VW could make to having something available in 2020 based on its design. The design on the battery allows the vehicle to move up at up 110 miles per hour and to use a DC Fast Charging feature that gets the battery to 80 percent of its power in about thirty minutes. The vehicle does not have any autonomous or self-driving features, so it would be realistic to suggest that the upcoming electric vehicle from VW would be something like this one.

But the most intriguing of the prototypes that Volkswagen has produced is the ID Buzz. This is a vehicle designed to look somewhat like the Volkswagen Microbus that the company was famous for making in the 1950s and 1960s. A 369 horsepower electric motor is included in this vehicle to keep it moving. The intriguing seating cabin in the back area features seats that are positioned to face towards one another, thus producing a handsome look different from what you might expect when finding a vehicle.

A Final Note

Volkswagen is going through some interesting changes right now, especially with Scott Keogh becoming the new American CEO after Hinrich Woebcken retired in October. The work Keogh is putting in suggests that VW has some noteworthy moves on hand.

It will be interesting to see where Volkswagen will go with electric vehicles. The company is already working hard to produce unique electric vehicles that can go places and will do well on the road, but it will be important to notice what will come about with these vehicles as the industry continues to move forward.

The big question at this point is where the Volkswagen electric vehicle will go and how it will be made available. This is an intriguing development from the company that people who are in the market for an electric car will surely want to pay attention to.

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