Video From Inside A Rolling Tire Looks Like An Anaconda’s Throat

Video From Inside A Rolling Tire Looks Like An Anaconda’s Throat

Have you ever wondered how much action cameras have changed the way we see the world? It was in 2004 that the first commercially available action camera was introduced by Woodman Labs and since then the world looks different to us.

From capturing off-road adventures in different locations, larger cameras wouldn’t reach otherwise – like the interior of an acoustic guitar – action cameras are a great tool to broaden our perspective on life.

This video (embedded at the top) of Distorted perspective, however, took us on a whole new, albeit a bit odd, adventure.

As requested by viewers of the YouTube channel, the host came up with the idea of ​​capturing what’s inside a car tire. To do this, he got himself a GoPro and mounted it on the right front wheels of a Mercedes-Benz E55 AMG. Of course, light will be scarce when the tire is mounted so the host has added light and battery with the GoPro for lighting.

The inner part of the tire looked like the throat of an anaconda – not that we’ve seen one in real life, but that’s what we imagine the South American giant snake’s gut to be.

With greasy hands and a hopeful state of mind, the presenter went on and drove the Mercedes to capture the inside of the tire while driving. At first the rubber was expected to move, flattening out when pressed against the sidewalk. It was peaceful, but things changed when the host attempted a sharp left turn. As the pressure on the wheel was greater during this maneuver, the rubber hit the camera and changed her perspective a bit.

The GoPro was still intact (we think), so we can expect more weird Warped Perspective experiences after this one using its trusty action camera.

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