Vanderhall Teases New Navarro EV Off-Roader With Four Actual Wheels

How incredibly massive is the SUV market these days? Almost all automakers offer at least one model – even Ferrari has its Purosangue in the works. However, when a niche maker known for their little three-wheeled runabouts jumps into the arena, you know this is serious.

Admittedly, calling this vehicle an SUV is a serious stretch. However, when your highlight is a roofless three-wheeler with bold engines and tarmac-taming handling characteristics, switching to an all-terrain vehicle with a roof and four wheels is fundamentally a paradigm shift. That’s exactly what Vanderhall is doing with this new offering called Navarro, which the company describes not as an SUV, but as an adventure vehicle.

What else do we know about this offer? It’s all electric, which Vanderhall has done before. The nature of its powertrain or specifics like power and range are not yet known, but we do know that the company’s Edison model uses two electric motors driving the front wheels. Its 28.8 kilowatt battery provides an estimated range of 200 miles and a 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds.

We will assume that the configuration will be different for the Navarro. For starters, it will have a lot more mass to carry. And while the teaser video doesn’t give us a clear view of the front of the Navarro, we highly doubt that such an off-roader will only drive the front wheels. Moreover, it may not offer four-wheel drive either. As we’ve sometimes seen in the crazy customization world, building a fun vehicle for off-road adventure doesn’t always require the power of all four wheels.

Unfortunately, there is little valuable information in the teaser outside of what we can see in the video. The Navarro appears to have a fixed roof, or at least a more permanently attached roof than the “capshade” toppers offered on other models. It also has doors, although apparently you can see through them. We can’t say if there are additional seats in the back or if this is just cargo space to carry your adventure gear. It rides on very meaty tires, however, and from the way it bounces towards the end of the teaser video, it appears to have a spongy long-travel suspension setup.

Either way, it’s a serious departure for Utah-based Vanderhall. It’s slated to join the company’s lineup as a 2022 model, which means we likely won’t see it fully revealed until next year.

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