Unique Chevy COPO Camaro Heads To Auction Block Before Hitting Drag Strip

At first glance, this Chevrolet COPO Camaro looks like any other cookie-cutter drag racing set. It has everything you would expect from its Mopar and Ford Performance counterparts: a large hood scoop, drag radials, and a TH400 quick-change gearbox. So what is it that makes this beast capable of an 8.5 second quarter mile?

Starting under the hood, the Bow Tie brand offers an LSX-based 427 cubic inch naturally aspirated engine or a smaller 350 cubic inch supercharged version based on the same architecture. While horsepower figures for the larger option are not yet available, we can say with certainty that the smaller version with a 2.6-liter fan will only produce 570 horsepower (425 kilowatts). But wait, what does COPO mean?

To the uninitiated, that means Central Office Production Order, a clever method the automaker used to work around the company’s performance limits of the late 1960s. The loophole meant Chevrolet dealers could create. unique high performance versions while avoiding trouble.

Sure, you’ve heard a million times that the horsepower argument is everything, but it’s clear this package isn’t just a bench racer. He seems to have all the perks that would make even John Force feel right at home. The vehicle is fitted with a carbon fiber air intake, dual batteries, weight box, parachute, wheelie-bar and Hoosier drag radials – it would look to be at home at the start line of an NHRA Pro-Stock event.

While only 69 of these drag beasts are produced each year, this unique example is painted Hugger Orange, which is one of the seven original COPO paint codes on offer. Along with this program, Chevy allows customers lucky enough to get one the opportunity to customize it to their liking.

While it might not be as quick as Dodge and Ford’s race-ready options, it’s hard to argue with the exclusivity that comes with COPO.

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