U.S. Acura NSX Owners May Get Factory Restoration Program

U.S. Acura NSX Owners May Get Factory Restoration Program

If a relatively modern Honda product deserves to be preserved, it is the first generation Acura NSX. Its advanced aluminum construction, revolutionary everyday handling (for its time), chassis tuning by F1 legend Ayrton Senna (and his less successful F1 competitor Satoru Nakajima), and superb fighter-plane look shocked the car. European supercar competition. Every NSX built is a monument to Honda’s thoughtful, unconventional sports car philosophy. That’s why Acura is considering an American restoration program, according to a report from Tire Meets Road.

The message was relayed at an NSXPO Virtual Auto Show / Meetup for NSX Owners and Enthusiasts by John Watts, Senior Director of the NSX Strategy Team at Acura. He told attendees that the company was asking current owners about their level of interest in a “refreshment plan”. Acura, in a statement to MotorTrend, confirmed that the company was considering such a program: “We are conducting exploratory research to determine the level of interest of NSX owners in cooling center services.”


The term “refresh plan” has special meaning for NSX owners, because in Japan (where the NSX bears the Honda badge) an NSX refresh plan has been active for years (this page is in Japanese). It is a factory program that aims to bring participants’ vehicles back to like new condition. Honda admits the program is demanding (and therefore extremely expensive), but it has been extremely popular. And perhaps essential, since Honda claims that many assembly processes to make the vehicle look like new require special parts and jigs. With the support of the factory, the “refresh”, owners can be sure it’s done right – and the car’s character will be as it was when it was first delivered.


This knowledge of local catering can certainly be transferred to NSX’s US base, the Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio, where the contemporary NSX is built and the various PMC editions are completed. And we know Acura has sniffed out other projects to tackle using the practical capabilities of the PMC. So it will be interesting to see if that happens.

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