Tuner Hacks Tesla Model 3, Unlocks 50 Extra Horsepower

Tuner Hacks Tesla Model 3, Unlocks 50 Extra Horsepower

We all know that Tesla can update its cars “by air”, that is, over a wireless Internet connection. Even though the technology is being standardized in the industry, Tesla is one of the few companies that can add autonomy or power via a software update, unlocking battery capacity or distributing ‘energy. Your Tesla can always improve, it seems, but not only by Tesla’s hand. That’s right: a Canadian company is now offering its own additional performance for the Model 3 sedan through software updates, and for less than half the price, Tesla charges customers a similar boost.

According to Elektrek, a Canadian company called Ingenext has found a way to unlock an additional 50 horsepower from a twin-engine Model 3. The Tesla Model 3 is continuously updated, whether you notice it or not, but it’s certainly an upgrade you will be able to feel. According to the company, a Model 3 Dual Motor with its small power supply (dubbed “Boost 50”) can reach 60 mph in 3.8 seconds – 0.2 seconds faster than the Dual Motor car we tested in mid of last year.

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Ingenext is asking $ 1,100 for the Boost 50 melody, which is far from the factory upgrade from a two-engine model 3 to a performance model 3, which costs $ 8,000. Essentially, you connect the Boost 50 widget to Tesla’s multimedia control unit (MCU) – a fairly easy process – and you instantly get 50 more horses, as well as a few extra bonuses. According to the company, you will also have access to all of Tesla’s firmware updates. What the company doesn’t mention is whether it voids your Tesla’s warranty or how Tesla feels about facing external competition for the hot rodding 3 models.

While we’re sure Tesla won’t be too happy that someone is literally hijacking one of their cars to unlock the capabilities that the automaker has placed for its own upselling, it was likely to happen at some point. Tesla hasn’t responded to Ingenext yet, but we wouldn’t be too surprised if we saw Musk appearing on Twitter any minute. In the meantime, if you own a Tesla Model 3 twin engine and want some extra juice from your electric pump for relatively little money, this seems like your best bet.

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