Toyota H2+ Concept Renderings

Toyota Supercar Rendering Is A Modern Mashup Of 2000GT And Supra

Toyota has a history of developing iconic sports cars, although it has moved away from these vehicles. That change when Toyota resurrected the Supra for 2020. It wasn’t entirely Toyota’s creation, but the automaker added its own modifications to the suspension and powertrain. From its inception, the car has given rise to reflection on the type of sports car Toyota could produce next. Artist David Gallego has released his idea, dubbed the Toyota H2 + Concept, and it’s staggering.

For now, this is just a fan rendering, but one that would put Toyota’s styling on par with other rolling works of art. Fortunately, the artist delved into Toyota’s sports car history to find inspiration for the H2 + concept. Gallego reviewed the 1998 Supra and 2000GT, offsetting both the angular and modern styling of Toyota’s front end.

It has a long low hood with the wheels protruding over the top. Sleek sheet metal leads to a sloped windshield that transforms into a drooping roofline that ends with a short deck and modest spoiler. The front features thin-slit lighting while the rear features a striking taillight design. The design features unique storage in the front fender that exposes the top of the wheel while still accommodating three people in a single layout – two in the front and one in the rear, between the rear tires. Often the reader is positioned in the center with the passengers outside.

The Toyota H2 + Concept is a bold and striking vehicle that resembles a Toyota equivalent of Mazda’s Vision Coupé Concept, and others like it, which help define and preview the style of future models. Sadly, the H2 + isn’t even that, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of it. Toyota’s design is getting more and more stylistic and you never know what an automaker might reveal next. Check out Gallego’s article to learn about his design process and wild interior.

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