Toyota Remains World’s Most Valuable Car Brand, Study Finds

Only three automakers ranked among the top 100 brands in Kantar’s latest 100 Most Valuable Brands of 2020 Kantar Study. Toyota, ranked 48th overall, remains the most valuable car brand in the world, despite losing around 3% of its value compared to 2019.

Mercedes-Benz is the second most valuable brand in the automotive industry according to the study, ranking 56th overall, followed by BMW in 61st position, losing 9 and 12 percent respectively. Ford and Honda dropped the top 100 after losing 10 and 15% of their values ​​compared to 2019.

“Since 2008, the auto sector has lost value and never recovered,” said Graham Staplehurst, director of global strategy for BrandZ. Automotive news. “It’s very different from other sectors. For example, the luxury sector took a hit, but came back.”

Among the ten auto brands included in the study, Tesla is the only one with a 22% increase in valuation to $ 11.35 billion. However, this was not enough to place the California-based automaker EV in the Top 100. Kantar experts believe that companies that clearly focus on electrical technology have the best chance of a faster recovery .

“The brands that continue to invest in more electric vehicles will continue to grow in the future,” said Guillaume Saint, head of global automotive practice for the research company. Automotive news. “The companies that lose the most value are the ones that are the most hesitant to express their vision of the future in terms of mobility.”

In the Top 10 automotive brand, Nissan recorded the largest decline in value of 18% to $ 8.66 billion, followed by Honda, Audi and BMW with decreases of 15, 14 and 12%.

Outside the automotive sector, the most valued brand for 2020 is Amazon, which retains its position from 2019 after increasing its value by 32% to $ 415.8 billion. Apple came second, followed by Microsoft, which took third place from Google.

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