Toyota Camry Wagon By Nikita Chuyko

Toyota Camry Wagon Rendering Is The Venza We Really Want

The Toyota Camry remains a loyal sedan in a sea of ​​SUVs and crossovers. It was America’s best-selling sedan for 2019, occupying eighth place while ranking higher than notable SUVs, including the Ford Explorer, Jeep Grand Cherokee and even the GMC Sierra pickup truck. There was a family version of the Camry, but it has been missing for almost 20 years. The time may have come for a revival.

A new rendering by Nikita Chuyko on imagines what a new long-roof Camry could look like and impressed us with the color. As automotive journalists, we’re wired to pretty much like all break. But the current generation Camry is arguably the most beautiful sedan in the entire race, and this taste for aggression in its style translates well into a wagon shape. Rendered front and rear, the result is a sports vehicle with room for five and cargo space in the rear, just as you would with any number of SUVs currently available. .

Would Toyota consider such a vehicle? It is highly doubtful that a pickup truck will ever return, as it would compete with the automaker’s RAV4 which sells even better than the Camry. In addition, Toyota kept a toe in the water of the wagon with the Venza of strange proportions, and this crossover / wagon never took off with the buyers. The nickname is now ready to return in 2021 with a hybrid design that is much more crossover than wagon, which means that Toyota has already a lot of choice for buyers who want space for people and things.

However, station wagons – once the ultimate boring family vehicle – remain a curious choice for enthusiasts who want more space without the negative side effects of performance that come with increased ride height. A TRD Camry Wagon could certainly be fun, but alas, we will never know for sure.

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