Torsus Terrastorm Teaser

Torsus Terrastorm Teased As Most Awesome Way To Transport 21 People

· TORSUS TERRASTORM is designed to be the most efficient 4×4 minibus in the world

TERRASTORM goes on sale in the third quarter of 2020

· Based on the Volkswagen Crafter / MAN TGE chassis and powered by advanced engines and transmissions

· The first igniter provides an overview of the robust capacity of the vehicle

Capable of carrying up to 21 passengers depending on configuration

· For more information, visit

· Images can be downloaded from

Prague, July 09, 2020: TORSUS, the manufacturer of the world’s most rugged all-terrain buses, is expected to create a sensation in the commercial vehicle sector with its latest model, TERRASTORM, which is expected to be released later this month.

The TORSUS TERRASTORM 4×4, based on a Volkswagen Crafter 4Motion chassis, has a reinforced all-terrain suspension and is powered by EURO VI engines will reach places where other vehicles will not be able to access. Available in a variety of configurations, it will appeal to people, businesses and organizations who need a truly reliable, robust and incredibly powerful vehicle. It is a vehicle designed to be ready to transport people and goods to and from some of the most difficult jobs such as mining and emergency assistance, where and when it is needed – little matter the location.

Vakhtang Dzhukashvili, Founder and CEO of TORSUS, said: “At TORSUS, we innovate by designing, developing and manufacturing the strongest all-terrain buses in the world. In the brand new TERRASTORM, we signal our ambition to set new standards in the market for heavy 4×4 minibuses in some of the most difficult industries known to man. We built TORSUS to be a pioneer and to redefine the way people think about commercial vehicles, and the TORSUS TERRASTORM is the next step on our journey to make this happen. “

The TORSUS TERRASTORM will be unveiled in its entirety later this month with sales starting in the third quarter of 2020. For more information on the TORSUS TERRASTORM, please visit:

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