This Rolls-Royce Wraith Has a Mural On Its Hood, Because Why Not?

This Rolls-Royce Wraith Has a Mural On Its Hood, Because Why Not?

Rolls-Royce is no stranger to heavenly design themes. Its starry roof sky gives passengers a view of the night sky without ever having to open the windows. This time around, the automaker takes it a step further with a bespoke Wraith featuring a special headliner representing the entire solar system from inside the cabin.

Commissioned by Rolls-Royce Abu Dhabi, the exterior of this Wraith offers a satellite view of the Arabian Peninsula from space. The intricate artwork on the hood took over 100 to complete by hand, according to Rolls. On the side of the vehicle near the door handles, there are icons representing the eight planets of the solar system: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Sorry again, Pluto.

In addition to the solar system headliner, the interior receives inlays showing the planets in silver and the Earth in gold. In the rear compartment separating the two seats, Rolls-Royce used Photoflash technology to show an atmospheric cloud scene in the embroidery. Special solar system themed sill plates complete the look.

There are also plenty of Middle Eastern touches inside the cabin, including another depiction of the Arabian Peninsula on the center console. Rolls-Royce claims the Moccasin leather seats represent the desert sands of the Emirates. Meanwhile, special blue and green accents symbolize rivers and other forms of nature.

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