This Is How The World’s Largest Vehicles Are Cleaned

As oil tankers, we often take car washing for granted. Most road vehicles can easily be washed and detailed by one person in a relatively short period of time. Having said that, there are many industries where keeping equipment and vehicles clean is more important and not so easy. Freeze lists presents these different cleaning technologies in his latest video.

You might not think about it, but it’s imperative that the planes stay spotless. Not only does this lead to better energy efficiency, but the automation of the process means birds spend less time in a washing area and more time in the air. MSG Productions designed a completely self-contained and programmable system to keep just about any airliner in top shape. For customers living in colder climates, the MSG Wash is also capable of defrosting with the same speed and precision.

On a more basic level, it is essential that the propellers on container ships and other vessels remain clean and polished. Like planes in the sky, the ultra-clean blades cut through the water with less drag. Keeping them spotless is a more rudimentary job than the automated MSG system. Even today, polishing them on this scale requires a plunger to dress and massage each individual blade with a tool.

One of the most identifiable processes is the washing of trucks. Regardless of the size or shape of the vehicle, all of these machines essentially embody large-scale automated car washes. The largest example is an outdoor wash area for a mining truck that must be more than four stories tall. We don’t know where the company is sourcing water for such an operation, but we wouldn’t want to be on the wrong side.

Aside from the massive car wash, one system that really stands out is the truck barrel. As you would probably have guessed from the name, the dirty vehicle is parked in a washing area and a worker uses a fixed fire hose to remove the dirt. We think the entire YouTube retail community would be eager to give this machine a try.

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