This Is How Mark Webber Would Spec His Porsche Taycan

The relationship between Mark Webber and Porsche, especially the Taycan, is deep. Even during the development phase of the Taycan and the tests under the monicker Mission E, the former Australian professional racing driver already showed us what he could do. It also made its debut on the Taycan at the Goodwood Festival Speed, marking the initial appearance of the 100% electric Porsche on the famous hill climb and, more importantly, in the United Kingdom.

Of course, it won’t hurt to mention that Webber is actually the Porsche brand ambassador, so yes, his relationship with the brand has already flourished since winning the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship. 2015 in Stuttgart.

Out of all the people you could turn to for advice on setting up your Taycan, Webber would be your best choice. From his home in Monaco, Webber shared his ideal Taycan Turbo S by spending time with the Porsche car configurator.

“Setting up a car like the Taycan is not a difficult thing to do. It’s already a super clean car, so I kept it very discreet with Dolomite Silver. I’m actually extremely traditional and conservative when it comes to colors, “said Webber.

The ace F1 has also chosen to add the Carbon SportDesign group and a set of exclusive Taycan 21-inch wheels with black brake calipers. And oh, he also chose to add a panoramic sunroof.

Inside, the whirlwind of understatement continues, but with touches inspired by racing such as Alcantara on the theme of Black and Slate Gray. “It may be fond memories of motorsport, but Alcantara tells me quick. It’s a little warm in warmer environments, but that’s why I also chose the cool seats, “he added.

For a more intense driving experience, Webber has of course added Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport to the mix.

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