This Hilarious Remake Of ‘The Fast And The Furious’ Cost Only $92

This Hilarious Remake Of ‘The Fast And The Furious’ Cost Only $92

So yes, where do you start with this video? In fact, we’ll start with a disclaimer: be prepared to watch the entire 21-minute feature walkthrough from start to finish as soon as you click play. Why? Because it’s as bad as you might expect for a short film with a budget of $ 92. And that’s what makes it so good.

How? ‘Or’ What bad good are we talking here? The entire cast is played by two guys named Kent Yoshimura and Kevin Fairy and yes that includes the roles of Mia and Michelle Rodriguez. We are well aware that Letty is actually the character played by Rodriguez in the Quick franchise, but for reasons we can’t explain, this budget remake uses its real name. And for more reasons that we cannot explain, it fits perfectly with this particular adaptation for small screen.

Cars are obviously an important part of the Quick movies, and the very first movie elevated the Mitsubishi Eclipse and the A80 Toyota Supra to legendary status. The classic Dodge Charger was arguably a legend already, but you won’t find any in this version. In other words, we thought you won’t find them here – honestly, it’s hard to identify any of the “cars” used in the clip except for the real BMW shown in each car shot. We especially like the various game controllers glued to the steering wheel for the activation of NOS. Hey, when you’re working on a tight budget you have to be smart. This video is very, very, very clever.

In fact, the most expensive item listed in the credits is a helicopter. Such rentals in big-budget movies can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, but the helicopter used here for the pivot scene when Brian reveals he’s a cop was $ 29.99. We assume this includes the batteries for the controller. The other items if interest include three wigs for $ 17.97, a set of four miniature cars and a truck for $ 10.42 and $ 10.81 spent on longshoremen. Dom and Michelle Rodriguez love their tank tops.

Honestly, this video is extremely entertaining, but only if you know the original. The fast and the furious movie. The only question we ask ourselves now is when will we see the budget version of 2 Fast 2 Furious? In fact, skip the whole movie and just give us a budget version of the ejection seat scene. That’s all we need.

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