Ford Team Fordzilla P1 Hypercar Concept

This Futuristic Ford Hypercar Concept Was Made By Gamers

Did you know Ford has an eSports division? Now you do. Launched in 2019, Team Fordzilla has more than 40 drivers spread across several European countries – such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK – all competing on the virtual stage. But they do more than just play games.

The Fordzilla team recently partnered with Ford’s design department to create the custom virtual supercar pictured here. Dubbed the Fordzilla P1 team, the concept debuted earlier this week at Gamescon 2020 in Germany, and it looks absolutely bonkers.

Ford Team Fordzilla P1 Concept Hypercar
Ford Team Fordzilla P1 Concept Hypercar
Ford Team Fordzilla P1 Concept Hypercar

Developed under the code name ‘Project P1’, Ford exterior designer Arturo Arino wrote the final look, taking inspiration from the iconic GT supercar and employing a number of futuristic elements. Morphing body panels, in particular, can stretch or shrink the vehicle as needed. Ford says these configurable body panels would make the Fordzilla P1 good for both “high-speed Le Mans straights… or tighter circuits like Monaco,” if that was for real.

Ford and the Fordzilla team used social media to finalize the look, asking fans on Twitter for their thoughts on things like the seating position, cockpit styling and even the drivetrain. In total, more than 250,000 social media followers voted on individual items before multiple concepts were shown, but Arino’s concept garnered over 83.8% of the votes.

For now, the Team Fordzilla P1 concept is just a digital dream. But there’s good news for those hoping to get behind the wheel (including us): Ford will produce a full-size, real-life version of the P1 Concept, led by its design department in Cologne, Germany. It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to buy one – but the company has also said it’s currently in talks with a “major game developer” to potentially put the car on the track in the virtual world.

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Ford and its eSport Team Fordzilla unveiled a world premiere at this year’s gamescom; the ultimate virtual racing car designed in collaboration between Ford designers and the gaming community. The full reveal can be seen here.

The Team Fordzilla P1 concept was developed under the code name Project P1 and was created with fan votes on Twitter at various design stages. Players chose things like seating, cockpit styling and drivetrain before Ford designers finalized their interpretations of the brief.

Two models were nominated for the final poll, with Ford exterior designer Arturo Ariño’s car coming out victorious, garnering 83.8% of the vote. Almost 250,000 fans made their preferences known throughout the survey process.

Inspired by the Ford GT, Ariño’s design uses unique touches like morphing technology on the body to deliver the stability of a long-tail racer on the high-speed straights at Le Mans, or a shorter body for tighter circuits like Monaco. For fans wondering when they might be able to drive the vehicle in the game, Ford has hinted that it is in advanced talks with a major game developer to introduce it to a popular racing game in 2021.

Ford also announced that it will build a full-size mock-up of the Team Fordzilla P1 concept before the end of the year, which it has already started creating at its design studios in Cologne, Germany. This is part of his continuing theme of exploring the parallels between the real world and the virtual world, with lessons learned from design in the digital world being applied to concepts of reality.

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