This Classy Camper Is An Ode To Wood, Inside And Out

Wood may have gone out of fashion in automobiles, with the exception of some wood veneers and accents which exude class in luxury production models. However, that didn’t stop Holzmobil from launching its latest all-wood motorhome – or at least the motorhome part in the back.

Holzmobil, which roughly translates to wooden mobile, is a German brand that enters the motorhome segment with a different approach. While most of the competitors in the market use light metal and plastics for the construction of the motorhome, this one is Natural using real wood inside and out.

The Holzmobil looks like a cabin on wheels, giving off a rustic vibe and we’re sure it would appeal to certain types of RV buyers who want a unique design. Inside, the Holzmoil has a patent pending roof design that allows moisture to escape from the warm cabin. Many amenities are included, such as an extendable dining table, four swivel captain chairs, a bathroom, a 50-liter refrigerator and a two-prong induction hob. Of course, no fire.

Having said that, we can’t help but think about the maintenance of the set. Using wood panels for the exterior part would mean high maintenance regardless of the climate – most of the money goes to processing the material so that it does not rot over time.

This 3700 kilograms (8157 lb) wooden motorhome carcass is built on a MAN TGE 4.180 4×4 van chassis for a total GVWR of 4500 kg (9,920 lb), allowing 800 kg (1763 lb) of load useful. The whole is 7.7 meters (25.3 feet) long and 2.1 meters (7 feet) wide and 3.3 meters (10.6 feet) high. A smaller version is in progress.

The Holzmobil can also go off the grid with a 400 Ah lithium battery on board and a pair of 700 W solar panels. The particular example here is priced at 182,800 euros (or around $ 215,503 with exchange rates current).

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