1993 Lincoln Mark VIII Class-D Land Speed Stock Car Prototype

This 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII Was Built By Ford To Go 183 MPH

Later this month you’ll discover a rare luxury coupe – a 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII. Normally that wouldn’t move the excitation meter needle, but that’s not your beige Lincoln either – typical beige. This is a pre-production Ford example built to test and prove the capabilities of its new V8 – the modular 4.6-liter that would power several FoMoCo products.

Ford made several modifications to the car, including the addition of a roll cage. The changes include removing the rear brakes and replacing the catalytic converters with a true dual exhaust system. According to the listing, the automatic transmission featured high clutch clearances, no running out of the shafts, no unbalanced rotating parts, and a few other tweaks. The suspension was also reworked, lowering the car two inches from the 0.25 inches the suspension would normally lower.

Lincoln packed all of these changes inside the Mark VIII. Ford drove the car to the Bonneville Salt Flats, where Holly Hedrich drove the car at 182.694 miles per hour (294.017 kilometers per hour) in a round trip, setting a class record. A dynamometer rated the 4.6-liter mill between 290 and 205 horsepower (219 and 220 kilowatts).

From the outside, the Lincoln looks like your typical Mark VIII. Hood pins spoil the performance of the coupe, but they are otherwise subdued until you move around inside and twist around the roll cage as you climb into the car. There’s also a fire extinguisher system sitting in the back seat, which really limits its usability.

The 1993 Lincoln Mark VIII prototype will cross the auction block on August 27, the first day of the auction. This will be the Mecum Auctions Kissimmee Summer Special 2020 event, with many more exciting cars rolling through the block over the three days. There is no indicator of the value of the car; however, there is a reservation on this one, which means it cannot sell if the auction reaches a certain amount.

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